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Verlag zeit-und-raum

Just over 10 years ago, two main inspirations lead to the foundation of the small publishing house “Verlag zeit-und-raum”.

One idea was to establish a publishing company that focused on areas at the interface between psychology and spirituality. It was our belief that real contact was only possible at this intersection – a place where new things can emerge much more easily. On top of that, this publishing house is also about connecting western and eastern wisdom.

Over the last century, very strong impulses have emerged in the field of psychology to expand personal growth – for which psychology felt responsible – towards spiritual growth. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s influential psychotherapists committed to the development of human potential and enlightenment as a means of spiritual and personal transformation. Their work went far beyond ordinary personality development.

However, deeper knowledge of their achievements is currently on the verge of being lost. For instance, nowadays, hardly anyone knows what Fritz Perls wrote in his autobiography: He was committed to using Gestalt therapy to develop a method that would help westerners find enlightenment.

Spirituality & Psychology

Important names within this context are Karen Horney, Erich Fromm and Carl G. Jung, as well as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. Who would have thought that three of these five were significantly influenced by Karen Horney? (Namely Fritz Perls, Erich Fromm and Abraham Maslow.) In general, people associate spirituality with the Eastern world – with Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zen, and of course Ramana Maharshi and the school of Advaita. All of which are undoubtedly invaluable. However, far too little is done to nurture our western spiritual heritage. Verlag zeit-und-raum and its founder, Christian Meyer, views this as one of its most important tasks.

The second concept on which the publishing house was built is closely related: there are many books – precious and invaluable – that have been out of print for decades. Wisdom, some of which hard-earned, is now on the verge of disappearing and being forgotten forever.

Verlag zeit-und-raum is determined to breathe new life into some of these publications. Thanks to its cooperation with the Karen Horney Institute, the first of our published books contains texts by Karen Horney so far unpublished in Germany.

Books on offer

Eli Jaxon-Bear

Erwachen eines spirituellen Revolutionärs

Ein Outlaw findet sein wahres Zuhause – Eine Autobiographie

This American autobiography is an exciting read for anyone interested in the spiritual side of life – for the older generation remembering their lives in the 1960s and 1970s but also for the younger generation keen to gain impressions of those times. It will also be of interest to those who perhaps followed the recent trend of trying various drugs as an aid to proceeding on their inner path and their spiritual search. Last but not least, this is a great read for those who want to hear the story of the spiritual search of one of the world’s most important spiritual teachers. It is a story from a time when people, if at all, very rarely had the chance to meet awakened, enlightened beings.

First German edition
Foreword by Christian Meyer

Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2020

ISBN 978-3-9821643-0-4
379 pages

€ 24,95

Also available in English (original American edition)
An Outlaw Makes it Home – The Awakening of a spiritual Revolutionary, by New Morning Books, Ashland, Oregon 2018

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Christian Meyer – Angst Schmerz Wut Ohnmacht

Christian Meyer

Angst, Schmerz, Wut, Ohnmacht

Durch Gefühle Freiheit finden – gerade in Zeiten einer Krise

In diesem Buch findest Du eine sehr konkrete, sehr praktische und tief gehende Anleitung zum lebendigen Umgang und zur Arbeit mit Gefühlen. Durch die Polaritätsarbeit entsteht ein intensiver und verändernder Dialog mit den einzelnen Gefühlen, auch mit denen, die zuvor nicht bewusst waren. Die Krise ist der Ausgangspunkt, weil sie so viele Gefühle hervorruft: Angst, Schmerz und Trauer, Wut, Ohnmacht und Verzweiflung. Endlich wieder vollständig fühlen können – das macht zum großen Teil den Reichtum Deines Lebens aus. Die tiefe Lebendigkeit. Mit allen Sinnen, aus der inneren Mitte leben. Wenn Gefühle weggedrängt, weggeschoben, ignoriert oder verleugnet werden – dann wird die Seele und der Körper träge, innerlich verspannt, wie betäubt. Auf Dauer werden die Seele und der Körper krank. Durch das Fühlen kannst Du lebendig werden und authentisch sein – Du selbst sein. Das Fühlen öffnet die innere Tür zu Deinem tieferen Sein. Für den tieferen Frieden und den tieferen Raum. Den meisten Menschen bleibt diese Dimension verborgen, wie wenn man ein Auto immer nur im ersten Gang fahren würde, weil man nicht weiß, dass es eine Gangschaltung gibt. Das ist der noch größere Reichtum des Lebens: diese tiefere Dimension. Das ist das Aufwachen, es ist die Erleuchtung, es ist Selbstverwirklichung. – Es ist Frieden, es ist Glücklichsein, es ist Bewusstsein, es ist Liebe.

Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2021
ISBN 978-3-9821643-1-1
270 pages

€ 19,50

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Karen Horney – Der therapeutische Prozess

Karen Horney

Der therapeutische Prozess

Aufsätze & Vorlesungen

New edition autumn 2021 (in preparation)

Introduction by Bernard J. Paris
German edition
Foreword by Christian Meyer

Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2021
ISBN coming
pages coming

€ coming

Also available in English (original American edition)
Karen Horney, The Therapeutic Process, Essays & Lectures
Edited with introductions by Bernard J. Paris, by Yale University Press 1999 Paris


Christian Meyer

A Course in True Letting Go – Seven steps from Feeling to Freedom

This is the English version of "Christian Meyer – Ein Kurs in wahrem Loslassen – Durch das Tor des Fühlens zu innerer Freiheit", by Arkana, München 2016.

True letting go means gradually liberating oneself from all entanglements, behaviour patterns, and attachments. This will result in the greatest inner freedom and lead to a glowing vitality. Both together allow us to wake up and realise that the self and the divine are not separate, but in truth are one.

The well-known spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Christian Meyer shows how we can truly let go. In seven steps he describes a comprehensible path to ever greater freedom and vitality. A main theme here is the deep experiencing, discovering, and accepting of one’s emotions, such as joy, serenity, pain, and even fear. Through many meditations and exercises, including on body awareness, consciousness, and perception, Christian Meyer shows us the path to inner freedom, happiness, and our true self.

Practicable, with many exercises and meditations

Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2016

ISBN: coming
pages coming

€ 20,-

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Also available as an online course:

Spirituelles Enneagramm – Selbsterfahrung Neun Farben der Stille – Angelika Winklhofer, Christian Meyer

Angelika Winklhofer – Christian Meyer

Neun Farben der Stille – Spirituelles Enneagramm & Selbst-Erfahrung

The millennia-old Enneagram combined with the essentials of modern psychology is the best tool for understanding oneself and others. Beginners and advanced students alike will find valuable and clearly understandable texts that focus on the experience of their Enneagram type and include many aspects, such as infantile development and Enneagram subtypes. This will bring light and color to your blind spots and to the script of your life. It will enable personality growth far beyond the usual level, up to the point of awakening. You will realize what you are not. Ultimately, this gives rise to what remains completely untouched by your Enneagram type: boundless emptiness, infinite consciousness, overflowing love. Your own true Self. All this is possible thanks to the deep connection that Angelika Winklhofer and Christian Meyer have with their teacher Eli Jaxon-Bear, to whom this book is dedicated.

Bound edition / eBook (German)
Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2016

ISBN: 978-3-981451764
505 pages

€ 29,90

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Christian Meyer – Aufwachen Therapie Integrale Praxis und der spirituelle Weg

Christian Meyer

Aufwachen, Therapie, integrale Praxis und der spirituelle Weg

The subject of "Spirituality and Psychotherapy", or more precisely: "Awakening and Psychotherapy" is of great importance for many people. Many have undertaken psychotherapy to support personal development and growth, as well as to live in harmony with themselves and others. And without a doubt, psychotherapy is a big help. But deep down, you feel and know: There must be more.

Others are on the spiritual path and realize that in order to wake up, their own blockages and entanglements need to be worked on through psychotherapy. By the same token, others go through experiences of awakening or have even woken up, and psychotherapy work can help them merge the awakened dimension with life sustainably.

The essays and articles in this book, written between 2002 and 2013, help to clarify all of the above and are also a good read in and of themselves.

4th extended edition (German)
DIN A5 brochure
Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2014

ISBN 978-3-00-019095-7
186 pages

€ 10,90

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Christian Meyer – Texte zum Aufwachen

Christian Meyer

Texte zum Aufwachen

In this book, fundamental spiritual questions are answered with remarkable clarity, depth and comprehensibility. One central question that arises time and again when it comes to debating the different spiritual paths is: Is there anything the seeker can do? If there is no “I”? Yes and No. It’s about stopping. Stopping is not an action but the end of doing. By the same token, it is a very conscious and active process. This book contains texts and many exercises which the readers are invited to do as and when it suits them. As a result, this book is not only a source of knowledge and insight, but also one that offers the immediate possibility of awakening.

+CD "Worte zum Aufwachen"
Bound edition (German)
Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2009
ISBN 978-3-00-026651-5
210 pages
€ 17,80

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Christian Meyer – Towards Awakening

Christian Meyer

Towards Awakening

Doing Nothing, Stopping Everything

Translated from German by
Joana Ashton-Jones and
Dakshina Fletcher

eBook for Kindle .(azw3) or
other EReader (.epub)

Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2009
ISBN 978-3-00-026651-5
210 pages
€ 12,99

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Christian Meyer – Zen-Buddhismus 7 Schritte zum Aufwachen

Christian Meyer

Zen-Buddhismus und die 7 Schritte zum Aufwachen

The spiritual teacher Christian Meyer gives the opening lecture at the annual conference of the "West-östliche Weisheit Willigis Jäger Stiftung" ("West-Eastern Wisdom Willigis Jäger Foundation") at Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, Germany. It is about the role of the spiritual teacher and how awakening can actually be realized.

The audience consisted primarily of Zen teachers and mindfulness teachers who combine Zen-Buddhism with Christian mysticism. The spiritual roots of Christian Meyer are Advaita, the spirituality of Western psychology and Christian mysticism. Based on this, Christian Meyer opposes the "7 Schritte zum Aufwachen" ("7 Steps to Awakening") developed by him to Zen-Buddhism and approaches the central question: Can you do something, and if so WHAT can you do, to awaken?

This intriguing discussion takes place in a one-hour long, uncut lecture and in the subsequent panel discussion, which are also included on the DVD. What leads to awakening? Is it the inner attitude, the act of completely letting go and surrendering? Is it the profound and complete feeling of everything that arises? Or is it the Zen Buddhist practice of observing the breath, the body, the walking meditation and simply observing the feelings and the experience from an inner distance? What is it that makes awakening actually happen? Confronting these two paths helps to make awakening and the steps towards awakening clearer and more easily understandable.

This is a DVD for those interested in Buddhism, Zen Buddhism or Advaita, for those who are seriously striving for profound spirituality, genuine awakening and enlightenment.

Time: approx. 80 min

Language: German
Image format: 4:3 & 16:9
Audio: Stereo
Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin

EAN: 9783981894110
ISBN: 9 783981 894110

€ 18,-

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Christian Meyer – Psychotherapie und Spiritualität

Christian Meyer

Psychotherapie & Spiritualität

Spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Christian Meyer addresses the most important questions for psychotherapists, for "clients" and for those interested in spirituality:

Spirituality is not just a world view or a belief, but a real transformation of consciousness and a path to awakening.

Many famous psychotherapists also included the spiritual dimension in their work.

Meditation in form of concentration or observation; mindfulness exercise; the dangers of dissociation from inner experience; effective and actually leading to awakening: feeling feelings completely, being emotionally touchable, without acting out or doing anything, falling more and more into one's own depth.

Spiritual crises; spontaneous spiritual experiences; experiences of awakening outside of and within therapy, which a therapist must be able to handle appropriately.

This is where both, spirituality AND psychotherapy can benefit equally.

The DVD contains an uncut 90-minute lecture by Christian Meyer with a subsequent discussion from November 20, 2015. It took place at an advanced training event held by the psychosomatic department of the Hohenems Clinic for physicians of the clinic and practicing psychological and medical psychotherapists.
Also on the DVD: a 20-minute interview with Christian Meyer on the previous lecture, the significance of spirituality in our society and in the field of psychology.

Interviewer: Julia Kahrass (graduate psychologist).

Time: approx. 110 min
Language: German
Image format: 4:3 & 16:9
Audio: Stereo
Verlag zeit-und-raum Berlin 2016

EAN: 9783981451733
ISBN: 9 783981 451733
€ 18,-

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The onlineCourse on Christian Meyer's book shows the "7 Steps of letting go". Every single step is explained by him and is divided into individual manageable video lessons that you can work through, edit and repeat at your own pace.


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